"Out of ivory palaces stringed instruments have made Thee glad." Psalm 45: 8

Monday, June 24, 2013

Bob Singer OM

New guitar going out today. Glamor shots to come, but here's the peghead.
It sports a rainforest theme, and the inlay was done by Craig Lavin.
Bob wanted Snakewood tuner buttons to match the overlay and bindings (and fretboard).
We're pleased with the way the buttons compliment the head:

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Rick's Cocobolo FS

Lest anyone think all we do is build shops around here, it seems prudent to post some pics of actual guitar work. This guitar was finished recently and sent to its proud new owner in New York state.
Rick's favorite wood (for back and sides) is Cocobolo. So it was with pleasure we used our best set for his guitar. With that we paired a top of really silky Lutz spruce. Here's a view of the front:

And a close up of the left shoulder, where you will find a sound port. An auxiliary sound hole, but this one aimed at the player's ear. Like a stage monitor, it enables a bit more sound to reach the guitarist:

Another interesting feature of this guitar is the Ryan-style arm bevel. Done in a dark piece of Macassar ebony (like the bindings) it adds a level of comfort for the player's right arm. No sharp edges digging in!

And a shot of that pretty back:

Finally a view of the end wedge detail, which also shows the Cocobolo's grain to good advantage:

Thanks for dropping by!