"Out of ivory palaces stringed instruments have made Thee glad." Psalm 45: 8

Thursday, November 22, 2012

New Shop!

At long last we have started breaking ground on a new shop. The studio shop served well for a number of years, but it is actually better suited to a one-man opperation. With Ryan on board, the need for added space became apparent fairly soon. We have been dreaming of this new facility for some time and are pleased to finally be moving forward. Here is the lot where it will sit, just to the south and east of our garage:

You can just make out the stakes that indicate the lay of the building. It will be 32' x 40', more than doubling our current space. Perhaps you can see that some tree removal will be necessary. Some big pines stand right on the line of the rear of the new shop, and there are a few dead trees as well that need removal.

That is friend Johnny Christian digging around the roots of the biggest tree so that he could push the tree down. It's not enough to fell the tree, the stump also has to come out. It really took some effort to get this 26" + diameter tree down:
And the reslutant stump was a "handfull" for sure!

Johnny loaded these trees up and took them home where he will saw them up for his own personal use. I'm glad that these beauties will not just rot on the forest floor, but be put to good use! And who knows?  Perhaps he'll save us a bit to make a Southern Yellow Pine guitar?