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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Progress, Part 3

Saturday, Jan 26--at long last we have made some concrete advances.
Crew arrived and got busy immediately, for the cement truck arrived right at 7 a.m.
Before long, it was running down the chute:

The quickly-paced job was to grab the wire mesh and lift it into the mid range of that concrete, while pulling the heavy mix into position. Like everything else, the pros make it look easy:

After a bit, the forms are getting loaded up with what will be our shop floor. They are working on our tool room in this shot:

And more leveling, tugging, pulling, etc...

The third truck brought out about half a load, giving us something like a 25 yard pour. Here's the last bit getting dumped into the west side of our tool room:

And Marco cutting in the slope for our roll up door.

Hard to believe we've actually arrived at this point....

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